Know Dat...2021 coming in with a banger!

Hey everyone! So I've been busy with a lot of things, trying to wrap up new music, get the clothing off the ground with my biz partner H.I.T so we can bring Ruined Mnds to all you dope creatives, as well as I've been trying to survive this pandemic and everything going around in the world around us all lately. I hope that everyone is remaining safe, and know that all of your continued support, positive vibes, and love are really appreciated!I've been working for a long minute, but trust me it's going to be worth the wait I promise.

If you haven't checked out H.I.T's "Beautiful War" check it out its available on all streaming platforms, and you can catch me on "Know Dat" on the album which will also be crossing over to my own coming soon!

Lots of things coming to the site as well so stay tuned and make sure you stay connected. Updates coming soon here and on my ig @meccadawn and dont forget to add me on snapchat @mdawntheillest ***always love and the vibes-m.dawn***

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Ruined Mnds

New clothing brand launching 2021! Ruined Mnds is coming and H.I.T and I are so excited to bring you our dope new designs that we've been working hard on these last few months. The soft launch will be coming at you early 2021 and a few pieces will be available for purchase from the collection for those of you who have been waiting for some of our most popular pieces that we've been giving you all an exclusive look at! Stay tuned and dont forget to add us on Twitter and IG @ruinedmndsllc and on facebook and snapchat @ruinedmnds Please pass this to all your people and support the new movement for creatives and bookmark our store coming